Scott "Skyntyte" Free - Lead Vocals and Guitar


Skyntyte burst into the music scene from Hartford Conn. He was mentored by "The Originator" - Bo Diddley. His musical history is extensive and includes stints with Bernie Worrell (Parliament/Funkadelic, Talking Heads) and Original Parliament. He has previously opened for Chic, Stephanie Mills and Teddy Pendergrass...among others. Prior to FAST LANE, he lead Munkeez Strikin' Matchez, which included a European tour. As the male front for FAST LANE, he can be seen demonsstrating his vocal and guitar mastery.

Deby Starr - Vocals


Deby has become recognized for her sultry voice and striking stage presence. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Deby's influences are widespread and include such talents as Aretha Franklin, Chrissy Hynde, Led Zepplin, Bonnie Raitt, The name a few. Deby has mastered many genres, including Rock, Blues, Soul and Jazz. She previously sung with several Gainesville bands, including Redeye, Fabulous Comatones, Crisis, ClassX and NdGO. FAST LANE is fortunate to have this true talent fronting the band.

Vernon "Dr. Rockenstien" Montoya - Keyboards


Boston was Doc Rock's breeding ground. Having studied music theory at Boston College, he has been a musical veteran in Gainesville before starting FAST LANE with Skyntyte. A self confessed synthesizer geek, he brings the atmosphere to FAST LANE's sound.

Greg Mullins, Sr. - Bass


Greg Mullins hails from Brooklyn, NYC. His musical background was steeped in the funk. He has studied with bass great Marcus Miller, has played with Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band) and Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones). A multi-instrumentalist, he brings the bottom to FAST LANE.

Keith Whitesel - Drums/Vocals

Keith Whitesel has been involved with music nearly all of his life. Growing up in a large family of musicians (father is a classical pianist, mother a classically-trained vocalist and all of his siblings are singers/musicians) it was assumed that each family member would somehow be a part of the music business.


At the age of two years old he began singing in a three-part harmony trio with two of his sisters and toured the US with his family's music group until his late teens. One of the many highlights of the group’s musical career was during the mid-late 90’s when they performed at the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks as contracted entertainment.


Keith has had a very strong interest in drums and percussion from his earliest memories. He originally studied on his own and began teaching himself to play the drums at five years old. He started playing the kit professionally by the age of eight and has performed with many bands and musicians throughout the United States (with genres including: Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Latin and Soul) during his music career.




One evening Dr. ROCKENSTEIN and SKYNTYTE pondered the possibility of forming a band capable of providing great vocals and virtuoso musicianship. FAST LANE is the result. Skyntyte’s credentials include tutelage under rock-n- roll pioneer Bo Diddley and Parliament-Funkadelic keyboard wiz, Bernie Worrell. The list of artists he has shared the stage with is long and varied: Chic, Teddy Pendergrass, Stephanie Mills, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and when not performing with Fast Lane, he plays and sings with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, Original Parliament.....Dr. Rock studied music theory at Boston College and is an accomplished jazz pianist, playing in various musical combinations since childhood. Tasteful drumming and snging is provided by KEITH WHITESEL, an in-demand first call drummer who also lends multiple percussion sounds to the FAST LANE mix. His poly-rhythmic precision is essential to the FAST LANE back-beat. GREG MULLINS hails from Brooklyn NYC, and is the master of the bottom. He locks onto Dre's beats to make the groove that drives FAST LANE. Rounding out the band is DEBY STARR. She is a master vocalist who brings much energy to the FAST LANE stage.  FAST LANE will get your party started at the beginning of the night and keep on rockin’ till last call.


If your wish is to organize an unforgettable function, you need a well oiled machine. You know you are safe when one of Florida’s premiere dance bands is behind the wheel. So unfasten your feet belt and boogie to the sounds of FAST LANE!